Poler: The World’s Highest Standard of Stuff

January 13, 2014 by Olivier Blanchard - 2 Comments

First entry in the Inside Left Pocket category. If you’ve been curious about what that section is going to be about, join the club. Think of it as a miscellaneous category for someone who doesn’t like miscellaneous blog categories. Expect a range of non-business and non-writing related topics and a compendium of sites, art, news and web content I find pretty cool.

First stop: Poler. These guys sell pretty solid outdoor gear but what I really like about them is how well they use digital and social channels (Tumblr, Instagram and Facebook mainly) to reach out to potential customers. Gorgeous photography, spam-free marketing, aspirational lifestyle imagery…

Pretty flawless. Definitely check out all of their channels, spend some time with their community, and enjoy branding done right. (Not to mention the cool gear.)


web poler

web poler 2

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