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First things first:I'm not sure how to say what I am about to say. I can't truly vouch for this yet. I can't back it up with facts, anecdotal or otherwise. I can't tell you that I have personally tested this software, that I have been secretly using it for six months. I have no case studies t ...
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It's that time again!For the last eight months, my team has been working with the world's top experts in social marketing, content  digital influence to put together the most complete list of vital social media insights every business owner needs to pay attention to in 2015. (You can download ...
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Influencers: to pay or not to pay?

Okay... let's get back to business for a minute. Today's topic: the ethics of paying influencers.Buzzword Bingo: is "influencer" even a credible term?Note: When I use the term influencer, assume that I mean "influencer" (with conspicuous quotation marks). I am not a fan of the term and would ...
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