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I've lived in the South a very long time. More than half my life now. I started coming to the South as a kid, during the summer, then I went to college in the South, then I moved here, got married here, raised children here. My entire adult life has been spent in the South, being as much a part of i ...
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What just happened in Indiana?If you haven't heard what happened in Indiana this past week, here is a brief recap: a "religious freedom" bill that allows businesses to refuse service to customers for "religious" reasons was signed into law by Indiana governor Mike Pence. The s ...
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White Hoods, Faux-News, And The Insanity Of Rage

Anger makes you dumb.Writing for Psychology Today in 2010, Leon Seltzer explained: "anger makes you see the world in simplistic, absolutist terms. Everything looks either black or white--as in "I'm good and you're bad," or "I'm completely right and you're totally wrong." Needless to s ...
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