The Most Definitive List Of Social Media Insights of 2015

April 1, 2015 by Olivier Blanchard - 6 Comments

It’s that time again!

For the last eight months, my team has been working with the world’s top experts in social marketing, content  digital influence to put together the most complete list of vital social media insights every business owner needs to pay attention to in 2015. (You can download the complete free report here.) The bold and ceaseless dedication that drove them to burn the midnight oil on perfectly fun Friday nights, track down the world’s most elusive influencers in some of Austin and San Diego’s most exclusive blogger lounges, and verify every single contributor’s Klout score to make absolutely certain that they were genuine experts inspired me to make sure that only the very best advice made the list this year.

So without further ado, here is the creme de la creme of the fruit of their tireless labors:

1. Authenticity is going to be huge this year!

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2. The hottest HR trend in 2015 will absolutely be Personal Branding.

ap Jan80048

3. Humanization of the digital space will be the hot new app.

app Jan80423

4. Say goodbye to #IoT. What everyone will be talking about by summer is #IoP!

ap Jan80273

5. Social media will become all about the digital ‘selfless self’ this year.

ap Jan100026b

6. Ecocentric designs will revolutionize MLM funnel modalities in affiliate ecosystems.

ap Jan80121

7. Content will begin to shift towards authentic personal legends building and digital storytelling.

ap Jan80361

8. Outdated ROI will finally be replaced by a more adequate form of social media measurement.

ap Jan80375

9. Twitter will attain channel-agnostic interdimensional transcendence.

ap Jan80355

10. Egoflective strategization will revolutionize digital existentialism.

Ap Jan80389

11. Digital Darwinism will inspire the world’s first abstract lifestyle upgrades.

ap Jan80282

12. Traditional business managers will finally start asking the right social media questions.

ap Jan21s0052

That’s it. I know it’s a lot to take in all at once, so take as long as you want. Let it all wash over you before you try to allow it to sink in. And please don’t hesitate to share this post (or any of these images) with your colleagues, peers and friends. Just remember to use the “hash-tag” #socialmediachickensoup so it will be easier for people all around the world to find it and share it. And again, feel free to check out our complete report! (It’s free.)

And as always, be sure to thank a social media guru today, because without the great work they do for us all every day, marketing would have been dead years ago.

Oh, and have a wonderful April 1st!

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