How To Fix Your Sh*t In 5 Simple Steps

So my buddy Tyler passed this on to me over the weekend, and it stirred a little brain sauce I felt I should share with you. In the piece, Kivi Leroux shares some of the complaints she’s been receiving from some of her NFP friends about patterns of incompetence that they run into at work. He ...
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The Leadership Advantage

Today, instead of doing all the talking, I will let people with a whole lot more experience than me give you some tips about how to become a better leader.Great stuff that transcends the typical quotation mill.Anne Mulcahy – Former CEO of Xerox:In a crisis, you have the opportunity to move ...
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The 5 basic rules of calculating the value of a Facebook ‘fan’A question that routinely comes up in social media circles is what is the value of a Facebook fan? (The question also applies to the value of a Twitter follower, Youtube subscriber, email recipient, etc.)Invariably, whenever ...
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