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The Last Year

What if 2014 were your last year, your last chance at leaving your mark or doing something great or crossing out every item on your bucket list?This has nothing to do with the Mayan calendar or the financial crisis, mind you. It’s just a simple what if question.What if you went another year with ...
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Three completely unrelated things came together this past week that individually weren’t all that fascinating but together formed a something  I think needs to be given form to.1. Fear. I was a guest panelist at Greenville’s Switching: Leaving Freelance for the Corporate ladder and ...
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Deathbed Confessions – Part 2: You Are Not Your Job

Part 2: Fear, career potholes and the weight of social shame.“I’m afraid to tell people that I am closing my business because I’m afraid of what they’ll think,” was one admission from a panelist.“My identity was so tied to my job/title that now that I am on my own, I’m not sure ...
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Brand snapshot: Rapha

I'm a cyclist. From the moment I clipped into my first pair of Look pedals and started racing, I was hooked. I have no idea how many miles I've logged over the years (and I don't care to do the math) but I ride a lot. It's very likely that I will write extensively about cycling on this blog, but for ...
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Poler: The World’s Highest Standard of Stuff

First entry in the Inside Left Pocket category. If you've been curious about what that section is going to be about, join the club. Think of it as a miscellaneous category for someone who doesn't like miscellaneous blog categories. Expect a range of non-business and non-writing related topics and a ...
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