Change With Purpose – Part 4: innovation endgames

November 30, 2014 by Olivier Blanchard - No Comments

I was going make Part 4 of this series about the role of virtual tech in retail experience design, but this video seems a more appropriate follow-up to Parts 1 and 3. I stumbled onto it over the weekend (and I just finally saw Chris Nolan’s somewhat flawed but nonetheless beautiful Interstellar a few days ago), so a lot of what we have been talking about in regards to innovation and the next century of technological advances is sort of gelling together pretty well right now. Bonus: it’s inspiring.

Again: the sorts of things shown in this video (and what Carl Sagan is talking about) are completely within reach. Getting from here to there is, for the first time in our history, 100% a matter of will. That’s all it is: the will to build the things we need to go where we want to go is the only thing standing between where we are now and what this video shows us.  The engineering problems themselves are easy to solve (relatively speaking)… and thanks to virtual tech, they keep getting easier, cheaper and faster to solve every single day.

We’ll talk about advances in retail experience design in Part 5. For now, look up (and look out at the oceans), and dare to dream. We’re wired to explore and discover what’s behind every next hill. That’s just how we are, and that’s a very good thing.



PS: Doesn’t the airship in the above video look a lot like this one? 

Header image courtesy of Paramount Pictures.


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