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Whether you are a lean start-up or an established leader in your industry, some part of your organization is going to need a little outside help from time to time – market insight, deep subject-matter knowledge or operational know-how – from an expert in a particular field. While large consulting firms are generally capable of providing a fair level of help, they can sometimes be unnecessarily expensive, slow to integrate into your organization, and may ultimately lack the degree of fluency that your organization needs to solve a problem or implement a new business practice quickly. Sometimes, a smaller team of experienced consultant with deep, fluent knowledge of a particular topic can be a much more agile, cost-effective, and ultimately more efficient option for most organizations.

Olivier’s unique blend of operational experience and subject-matter expertise may make him the ideal consulting partner for your next project, strategy meeting, audit  or executive retreat. Services range from 30-minute phone briefings and light advisory to long term program implementation and project management.

Business categories served:

Olivier also provides consulting services for select entrepreneurs and executives looking for support, guidance and actionable advice. If you are interested in finding out more, contact us for more details.

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Here are some of the key areas Olivier can be especially helpful with:


Social Business Strategy: aligning social business activity to key business objectives, using social technologies and processes to improve business performance.

Social Business Design: process and workflow architecture, IT enablement, best practices development.

Social Business Integration:  focus on technical enablement, employee training, social program deployment, internal collaboration, and external/partner collaboration.

Social Business Management: operationalization of social business programs, establishing centers of social business excellence across key departments.

Social Business Measurement Anaytics & Reporting: establishing credible measurement methodologies, establishing actual ROI measurement methodologies, developing an effective social business reporting practice.


Brand Management: analog and digital, trends, risks and opportunities, new best practices, design, management.

Digital PR Crisis Readiness: evaluation, best practices, program design, program build, program management.

Digital Crisis planning and management: best practices, case studies, design, implementation, audits.

Digital Reputation Management: best practices, case studies, design, implementation, audits.

Digital Customer Service: best practices, design, implementation and management.

Product Innovation: enablement, design direction, testing and management.

Identity: branding ideation, design and management.

Customer Experience Design: best practices, consumer insights management, design, testing and implementation.

Change Management: operational design, corporate culture analysis and design, process integration, employee training.


Digital Transformation and Change Management: Company-wide planning, training, and development oversight.

Digital Monitoring and Listening: best practices, operational design, training, management and reporting.

Digital Campaign Planning and Management: Strategy, planning, design, implementation, audits.

Community Management: design, best practices, training, management, performance measurement and audits.

Content Strategy: evaluation, design, resource management, planning, performance measurement.


Emerging technologies and new media trends: analysis and insights, what they mean for your business, SWOT.

New trending in consumer behaviors: trending data, analysis and insights, SWOT.

Market disruption: What new technologies, consumer trends, processes and market developments will have an impact on your business.

Competitiveness in the Age of Experience: From products and services to experiences – The third market you aren’t leveraging yet.

Business Darwinism and the coming 4th Industrial Revolution: Relevance, adaptive business models and new areas of opportunity in the post-industrial era.


Business/Program Strategy.

Brand performance.

Social Business readiness.

Social business program performance.

Marketing campaign performance.

Customer experience.

Internal collaboration.

Social Media Competence Evaluation (HR): candidate evaluation, contractor evaluation, internal resource evaluation.

Agency/strategic partner effectiveness: evaluation of an agency or strategic partner’s overall effectiveness.


Business Strategy.

Product Ideation.

Product Marketing Strategy.

Campaign Troubleshooting: something isn’t working? Let Olivier help you fix it.

Market Research.

Consumer Insights.

Overcoming Internal Cultural Obstacles.

Communications Strategy.

Recovering From a digital PR Crisis: rebuilding brand equity, credibility and consumer trust.

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To discuss your specific needs, contact Olivier by clicking on the graphic below (don’t worry, it’s quick, painless, and your inquiries are 100% confidential).

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