‘The Nemesis Engines’ – 100 years ago…

July 28, 2014 by Olivier Blanchard - No Comments

July 28, 1914. It has been a month since the assassination in Sarajevo of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife. After a month of mourning across the Austro-Hungarian empire – and a month of outrage and anger and calls for revenge – Austria Hungary declares war on Serbia. We are still quite a ways from the trench warfare WWI is most remembered for, and a few days and weeks still from this declaration of war snowballing into a global conflict, but today at noon marks the beginning of The Great War.

At ten after twelve, continental time, Gustav Steiner is on his way back to New York from Hamburg when an attendant brings him a telegram from his Berlin office, notifying him of the news. In Haiti, the sky is starting to turn a pale blue outside Alexandra Meade’s lonely bedroom window at La Bretelle. Just outside of Winterset, Iowa, Harbert Pencroft is already standing in his grandfather’s barn next to his aeroplane, looking impatiently at the graying horizon. In London, Archie Whitfield has just been summoned to Whitehall with unusual urgency by his former commanding officer. And somewhere north of Thangsing, India, Liva Khan is hard at work on her latest invention: a portable electrical heating device for mountaineers. The events of The Peacemakers (Vol.1 of The Nemesis Engines) won’t unfold for another year. By the time they all reach Europe in Vol.2 (Steel and Bone), the battlefields will have become meat grinders, and terrifying new weapons of war, which promised to put an end to the conflict quickly and usher an age of modernity and peace, will only make the war more brutal and nightmarish.

Vol.2 of The Nemesis Engines is scheduled for release this winter but you can get started with Vol.1 today. It’s the prefect summer read, and all the more interesting with the centennial of the First World War happening right now.

Bonus: The Peacemakers is still an Amazon Kindle exclusive for a few more months, so enjoy the super awesome price.

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