Sneak Peek – The Nemesis Engines, Vol.2: Steel & Bone

January 20, 2015 by Olivier Blanchard - No Comments

I know it will be a few more months before you can get your hands on Vol.2 of The Nemesis Engines, so here’s a little concept art from the inevitable #TheNemesisEngines Instagram campaign to get you salivating a little bit before the big day (which is only a few short months away).

Don’t worry, you will all be reading Steel & Bone this summer. In the meantime…

Shellshock-World-War-I-British-troops-Battle-of-Arras-631 b

If you’ve already read Vol.1 (The Peacemakers), you probably know what this image means. If you haven’t, now is probably a good time to jump on the #TNE train and find out.

Almost there.



PS: I cannot wait to share Vol.2. You are going to love it.

PPS: The difference between a sneak peek and a sneak peak… in case you were wondering.

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The Peacemakers is still an Amazon Kindle exclusive, so enjoy the super awesome price. (If you don’t own a Kindle, you can download the Kindle app for free on your favorite device.)

Oh, and don’t forget to write a review on Amazon (especially if you liked it).