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Conferences and corporate events are judged on a lot of factors: how cool the venue is, the value of the networking, the flakiness of those buttery little croissant thingies, the quality of the coffee, the reliability of the wi-fi… but above all else, an event or conference’s success always hinges on the quality of its speakers. How knowledgeable, insightful, entertaining and inspiring your speakers are will ultimately determine whether your event was a win or a meh.

With almost two decades of hands-on operational experience to share, a habit for delivering dynamic, insightful presentations, and a unique, no-nonsense style, Olivier has become one of the world’s most sought-after speakers in the fields of Digital Transformation, Technology Disruption, Digital Brand Management, and of course Social Media ROI. Here is a snapshot of what his keynotes and presentations typically cover, by category:


  • Digital Transformation 101: Leveraging new technologies and marketing innovation to exceed market expectations into the next decade. (45 min.)
  • Digital Transformation 201: Leveraging new technologies and business innovation to build an agile, disruption-proof companies. (45 min.)
  • Digital Transformation 301: Leveraging new technologies and to out-innovate your competition and disrupt your industry. (45 min.)
  • The 9 core Digital Transformation technologies every company needs to understand. (45 min.)
  • Digital disruption outlook: 5-year, 10-year, 20-year. (45 min.)
  • Best practices in leadership, culture change, and change management: what the world’s most agile companies are doing right. (45 min.)
  • The Future of Work: Collaboration, Technologies, and Emerging Best Practices. (45 min.)


  • How 5G, ubiquitous machine learning, and artificial intelligence will transform the world around us. (35 min.)
  • The future of jobs: Machine-Human partnerships and new paradigms of productivity. (35 min.)
  • The future of jobs: STEM, STEAM, and the emergence of new collar jobs. (45 min.)
  • Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality: How the 80/20 rule will be reflected in the layered reality market. (35 min.)
  • The future of education vs the future of job training: The rise of hybrid educational models for a digitally-complex world. (45 min.)
  • Big Brother, Big Mother, and Big Butler: Defining the future of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. (35 min.)
  • Millennials and Digital Natives: Myths, facts, and their impact on the future of everything. (45 min.)
  • The future of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Ambient Technologies. (45 min.)
  • The Internet of Things (IoT): Trends and Opportunities, and how to look beyond the IoT hype cycle. (35 min.)
  • The mobile workplace, new paradigms of productivity, and the future of collaboration. (35 min.)
  • Smart objects vs connected objects: Cloud computing, Connectivity, and the Edge’s bright future. (35 min.)

SOCIAL BUSINESS (social customer experience design)

  • The Social Company: looking beyond followers and likes to build a better company. (45 min.)
  • From Social Media to Social Business: aligning social media activity to key business objectives. (45 min.)
  • Social Media ROI: what ROI actually is and how to measure it properly. (45 min.)
  • The Social Business Roadmap: how to plan for, build, and manage a Social Business. (45-55 min.)
  • The Social Program Blueprint: how to create an operational framework for your Social Business program. (45 min.)
  • Social Business program management – SMB. (45 min.)
  • Social Business quality control: establishing centers of excellence across organization. (35 min.)
  • Social Business measurement & reporting: establishing credible measurement methodologies, establishing actual ROI measurement methodologies, developing an effective social business reporting practice. (45 min.)


  • When old brands become new again: Best practices in transforming into a technology-driven brand. (45 min.)
  • Digital Crisis Planning and Management – how to protect your brand from digital PR disasters: core principles, best practices, case studies and insights. (45 min.)
  • Digital Reputation Management: core principles, best practices, case studies and insights. (35 min.)
  • Digital Customer Service: core principles, best practices, case studies and insights. (35 min.)
  • Product Innovation: core principles, best practices, case studies and insights. (35 min.)
  • Customer Experience Design: core principles, best practices, case studies and insights. (45 min.)
  • 360-degree digital integration: connecting digital activity to brick & mortar customer experiences. (45 min.)


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To talk to Olivier about your event and discuss pricing, drop him a line at 864.630.7398 or send him a note by clicking on the box below. (Don’t worry, it’s fast and painless.)

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