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Change With Purpose – Part 2: the opportunity engine

I just got back from Dassault Systemes'#3DXforum in Las Vegas, where I spent the better part of a week getting acquainted with some of the world's most advanced innovation acceleration tools and many of the brilliant minds behind them, and since my mind is still abuzz with a thousand ...
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The CMO and the Cloud – Part 6

 In Part 5, we started a discussion in which we established that:The role of the CMO is changing.Though the role of Marketing isn't changing, Marketing itself, the way it operates, is changing.Many CMOs today are overwhelmed by fast changes in technology, capabilities, operational demands and new p ...
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Building fences vs. building runwaysToday, we're going to talk about Airbnb, the hospitality industry, disruption, and adaptation.Let's start with this: a clever startup (Airbnb) created a business model that turned out to be pretty disruptive to the hospitality industry. We can argue about t ...
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