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Here are a few lessons Gaius Julius Caesar might have taught us were he alive today.  He ultimately met a pretty brutal end, but until that point, the guy was so successful that his last name became synonymous with “Emperor”. (Point of note: the titles “Czar” and “Kaiser” come from the ...
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Three completely unrelated things came together this past week that individually weren’t all that fascinating but together formed a something  I think needs to be given form to.1. Fear. I was a guest panelist at Greenville’s Switching: Leaving Freelance for the Corporate ladder and ...
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Deathbed Confessions – Part 2: You Are Not Your Job

Part 2: Fear, career potholes and the weight of social shame.“I’m afraid to tell people that I am closing my business because I’m afraid of what they’ll think,” was one admission from a panelist.“My identity was so tied to my job/title that now that I am on my own, I’m not sure ...
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