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Influencers: to pay or not to pay?

Okay... let's get back to business for a minute. Today's topic: the ethics of paying influencers.Buzzword Bingo: is "influencer" even a credible term?Note: When I use the term influencer, assume that I mean "influencer" (with conspicuous quotation marks). I am not a fan of the term and would ...
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Brand Management: The Asshole Effect

Every doctrine has to start somewhere. Even this one.Want to boost your repeat business, get tons of free referrals, acquire bunches of new customers and get lots of positive buzz for free? There’s a pretty simple way to do it that doesn’t have to cost you a whole lot. Can you guess what ...
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How To Fix Your Sh*t In 5 Simple Steps

So my buddy Tyler passed this on to me over the weekend, and it stirred a little brain sauce I felt I should share with you. In the piece, Kivi Leroux shares some of the complaints she’s been receiving from some of her NFP friends about patterns of incompetence that they run into at work. He ...
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