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Brand Management: The Asshole Effect

Every doctrine has to start somewhere. Even this one.Want to boost your repeat business, get tons of free referrals, acquire bunches of new customers and get lots of positive buzz for free? There’s a pretty simple way to do it that doesn’t have to cost you a whole lot. Can you guess what ...
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LTV infographic by Kiss Metrics“People pay you. Not pageviews.” That pretty much says it all. (image source.)This is as badass as it is self-explanatory. For those of you who don’t know how to estimate customer lifetime value (LTV, or CLTV), this infographic should be a pretty handy little too ...
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Filed under: opinionOriginally posted on The BrandBuilder Blog April 17, 2012.Not long ago, I wrote about what Moneyball‘s Peter Brand called the “epidemic failure to understand what is going on” plaguing the business, marketing and advertising worlds – when it comes to understanding that ...
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The Leadership Advantage

Today, instead of doing all the talking, I will let people with a whole lot more experience than me give you some tips about how to become a better leader.Great stuff that transcends the typical quotation mill.Anne Mulcahy – Former CEO of Xerox:In a crisis, you have the opportunity to move ...
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