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A Field Guide for Digital Program Managers

A few years ago, Que (a division of Pearson Publishing) reached out to me about writing a book on Social Media ROI (Return On Investment). Early on in the project, it became clear to me that the book needed to be about more than ROI. Before we could even talk about measuring anything, the con ...
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The CMO and the Cloud, Part 7: the #CloudTalk interview

Instead of reading a 20,000 word post today, watch (or listen to) my #CloudTalk interview with Daniel Newman and Brian Fanzo. We discussed, among other things, the impact that technology is having on the marketing profession (particularly the cloud and the capabilities it brings to organizations - ...
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The CMO And The Cloud – Part 2

If you missed Part 1, you can get caught up here. The short of it is this: Thanks to the cloud, IT is changing, and with it, the way organizations operate is changing as well. Here are three general advantages of getting into cloud computing that are pretty much function-agnostic within a company:1. ...
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