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I know it will be a few more months before you can get your hands on Vol.2 of The Nemesis Engines, so here's a little concept art from the inevitable #TheNemesisEngines Instagram campaign to get you salivating a little bit before the big day (which is only a few short months away). ...
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Writing Challenges: overcoming resistance

Stephen King has written over 50 books. Chuck Palahniuk has written 15. Steven Pressfield, 13. All have seen their work made into movies. I'm only 2 books in, but I am already starting to understand some of the stuff all three have written about in regards to overcoming resistance and the day to day ...
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The crafting of a character: Harbert Pencroft

The accidental protagonist:I have a confession to make: Harbert Pencroft, the central character in 'The Peacemakers,' was an accident. He was the unexpected result of needing to add a character to the story as a narrative device. Not only was he never supposed to be a major character in the s ...
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